Jo Bolton - Award Winner Best Brazilian Waxer!

I’m passionate about waxing & I’ve waxed & trained in Europe, the UK , the USA & Australia. The secret to my success lies in my unique waxing technique!

My technique is quick & painless – They don’t call me ‘The Waxing Queen’ for nothing!
I use the highest quality wax on the market, which feels soft against your skin not, hard and brittle!

I offer THE BEST Lash Lifts in Queensland – I was personally trained by the chemist who created the Lash Lift.

Brows – Waxing – Lashes is all I specialise in and it’s what I do all day everyday.
My aim was and is to be the best of the best and believe me I am as I don’t do a bit of everything!


Jo Bolton:

Firstly I’m not your typical beautician. I don’t do the whole makeup thing! LOL

I’m a wife & mum of 2 boys – we moved to beautiful Samford from Lennox Head (Byron Bay) – where I had a successful Waxing business.

I’m also a Wax & Lash Trainer & I’ve taught my unique technique all over the world.

My Mission:

Many years ago I made myself a promise to become the best waxer I could possibly be. 

I was sick of leaving a beauty salon feeling disappointed after yet another sub standard wax!

(I find it so frustrating when waxers leave hairs for souvenirs!)

As much as I love my clients no one wants to be half naked with their legs wide open for a Brazilian Wax for 45 minutes!

At Lash On Wax Off you’ll discover the art of speed waxing.

I promise you will leave my studio without any of the hairs you no longer desired. Plus you’ll be wondering where I’ve been all your life!

I offer the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

I believe all women need a brow (& possibly a lip wax!)                            Once a month I offer a free Brow & Lip wax to any women who genuinely can’t afford it. No questions asked but Karma is a wonderful thing. Feel free to text me to book in a treatment. 

Please note my appointments run on time as its the most precious thing any of us have.

I look forward to meeting you.